What is a Newborn Lifestyle Shoot?

The lifestyle shoot is a little more flexible on time and is all about capturing moments between the parents/ and or siblings and their newborn creation. There is less focus on posing and more focus on emotion and beautiful moments in your home. Having this shoot after that ‘10day window’ is not a problem in a lifestyle shoot and can place more ease on you as a parents. The timing for these shoots is more ‘go with the flow’ due to not needing your baby to be dosing off for poses etc.


To book a newborn shoot or to talk about how it all goes please feel free to get in touch with Steph. We understand that you won’t know the exact day that baby will be born so just a due date for now is perfect. We will simply pencil that in and once you have your beautiful baby, simply let us know and we can arrange a time that suits. 

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